Gloucestershire Forwards - Evening Event

19/01/2018 - GRFC vs Pau @ Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester

The Association of Gloucestershire Business Groups, Gloucester Rugby and Gloucestershire Cricket launched their first evening event at the Pau fixture at Kingsholm.

We heard from Dean Bellman from Value Behaviours about the power of goodwill and the importance of making a decision, Helen Chu gave us an insight into all the good that GRFC are doing in the community, and Jane ¬†Dyer from Gloucestershire Young Carers helped us understand the important job they’re doing as a local charity. The room was packed out, which was great to see with money from every ticket sold being donated to charity.

Just a shame about the result on the pitch!


1 Wolseley Terrace, Oriel Road, Cheltenham,

Gloucestershire, GL50 1TH

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